Monday, January 28, 2008

Information is useless while knowledge is useful [Part 2]

Point #2 Knowledge Serialization needs to be solved.

Basically we need an extended "storage" of our brain -- just like you have external hard-drive for your computer.

The functionality of knowledge serialization is not only for storage, it is a solid foundation for machine(computer?) to have the same knowledge-base for any further process.

We write notes, use online bookmark, search information... All these are early stage of ways of serialization, although this serialization is more about information, not about about knowledge.

[to be continued]

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The future of the internet

Markus Frind wrote "The future of the internet".

For those who does not know him, Markus is the founder of, one of the largest free dating site in the world.

I agree with what he wrote and think it is actually an issue of what I called "Brain Integration".
If my brain can communicate with your brain directly without go through writing/reading/talking/listening, things will move as fast as we think!

In order to achieve that, one of steps will be able to backup our brain -- just like backup your data.
More technically speaking, serialization of the content of brain.