Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Word of Mouth Marketing Association

Discussion: MySpace and Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA)

Top Ten Underserved Web 2.0 Markets

From read/writeweb.

More reference from eConsultant.

Secret of YouTube

Digital Self-expression

A good article by Robert Young.

Here is another one socialnets-the-power-of-the-url:

Looking out several years, it’s not too difficult to envision a media landscape where the majority of traditional media distribution outlets reliant on the benefits of natural monopoly economics have largely been replaced with a highly-fragmented layer of people-powered community-based distribution networks. As a case in point, I hardly ever go directly to the NY Times, LA Times, and the Wall Street Journal any more. Instead, I rely wholly on the authoritative blogs I rely on to filter out the articles of interest in those publications. In fact, the sites I prefer offer both an original voice as well as a consistently generous collection of outbound links to other related content, professionally produced or not. It’s just a matter time before I do the same with all my media consumption, including my audio and video needs


Personal P2P

Jeff Matthews

In McKinsey We Trust

Curious Office

Amazon Grocery


online payment

John Cook

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Vertical Search

Marchex Buys Openlist

Some links regarding vertical

Links from Search Engine Watch is another vertical search site. here is founder's blog
and here is another article talking about vast.

Creating the kind of site that consumers love


I really like it.


Monday, May 29, 2006

The ultimate online cool t-shirt shop guide

Google Blogs

20060529 Links