Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tracking Company/Idea

Some companies, some founders


Kaboodle Get all your choices on one page

Google's official blog
Another blog about Google

TechCrunch is cool site, it is tracking a lot of new start up around web2.0

New Marketing

Sites for Events

It’s centralized :-( user content with some really sweet tagging and search/find capabilities :-) .

The free online community where people share valuable, real-life information about the best and worst services and products in their area

"Judy's Book is at the forefront of three major trends: consumer-generated content, local search and word-of-mouth marketing," said Brad Feld,
managing director of Mobius Venture Capital. "We believe the company is ideally positioned to capitalize on consumers' growing interest in
real-life, first-person content to help them make purchase decisions," said Feld.

Online Calender
Founder's link
Jason Bell is founder of Aerleasing, a B2B auction site for the airline industry. He has been involved in numerous business intelligence companies
and start ups and is based in Northern Ireland. Jason can be contacted at
Google’s search results are rated, tagged and built upon by human minds

oodle's blog


Anonymous Noah said...

Thanks for the mention T.J.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Jeremy Baines said...

Thanks for bloging about us!

6:04 PM  

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