Sunday, December 04, 2005

Misc Links(to be sorted)


VC firm
Article about blogging tool and platform

Seth Godin
Author of a lot good book(Jon Gales reading)

A college student's startup page

Creative Commons License

Investor's log

IAC/InterActiveCorp Acquires ServiceMagic

ajax without XMLHttpRequest

Dream and reality

Bought by google

Riya has developed software that can automatically recognize who is in a picture and tag it with their names.
Founder's blog
Clay Shirky, an adjunct professor at New York University and an expert on tagging and social networking


Blog Search -- Technorati
CEO's blog

Some guys at by Yahoo)

Talking abut


How to Forcast

Web 2.0

Current issues of WEB2.0

Mapping of all web20 companies
Same author

Social Software Bookmark
Monitor in realtime
Some technical implementation details have been provided here

More technical Stuff


Technical -- Forbes -- Best of the web

Technical -- Push open source

New Companies
Online Reputation

Review Aggregation
have one big idea I'd love to see them implement. First, allow users to log in so they can keep track of their own reviews.
This way they can share their thoughts with others in a coherent fashion and will give the site a stronger community aspect.
Second, recommend professional and amateur reviewers based on my likes and dislikes. I always forget which writers share
my tastes in music and film, so it'd be nice to have an algorithm remind me every now and again.,1874,2382,00.asp



hotornot for Kitten

Community based social networking site

Ebay Support


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