Saturday, December 17, 2005

"Burger King" generation

"We don't want Wal-Mart or Sears to tell us what to buy. We want to shop our way -- on Ebay.

We don't want to watch entire baseball games, we want it our way -- highlights on sportscenter.

We don't want a DJ at a radio station to tell us what to listen to, we want music our way -- downloaded in to our own playlists on our portable MP3 players.

We don't want TV producers to design scripts and give us a plot-in-a-box show, we want it our way -- reality TV.

We don't want a Star Search talent show determined by a panel of judges. We want to vote like in American Idol.

When Toyota wanted to launch a brand of cars for the 16-29-year-old age bracket they gave it to us our way -- Scion, where cars our "Ready for personalization at"

We don't want News packaged by Dan Rather and Peter Jennings high on Mount Olympus and then rationed and handed down to us everynight. We want blogs. We want citizen journalism. We want it our way."

By Andy


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